Vilma Blades

Thank you, Dr Matos, for the attention and affection you gave me during this process. Since April 21 my life has changed completely. My ex-husband wants to come back and he says I look spectacular; My friends can not believe how I’ve changed (physically and mentally); My self-esteem is through the roof now. I feel…



What is liposculpture?

Liposculpture is the term applied to the technique used to vacuum excess fat from different body areas at a time, in order to get a more harmonious and proportional silhouette, the result obtained is much better than when using the conventional liposuction. The objective is to suck the localized accumulation of body fat. It is…



Breast implants

Breasts are a symbol of femininity and play a major role in the sensuality of women. Today, breast augmentation is one of the aesthetic procedures performed most often, it is indicated in patients with small breasts, changes in the breast after pregnancy, breast reconstruction after cancer and birth defects. A breast implant consists of an…



Buttock augmentation by Lipotransfer O Brazilian Butt lift

Buttock Augmentation by lipotransference or Brazilian Butt lift The shape and dimensions of the buttocks greatly influence on the sensuality and attractiveness of women. The gluteal lipotransfer involves removing fat from various areas where there are surpluses, to place in areas where there is deficiency of fat. Is very common to use it to give…


Preoperative Instructions

You must read and sign the consent for surgery at least one day before. You must be at the clinic on time. Accompanied by an adult if possible. Do not take aspirin or derivatives thereof, vitamin E, natural medicine or weight-loss medication, at least two weeks prior to your procedure as these promote bleeding. If…


Post Operative Care Instructions of Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Post Operative Care Instructions of Facial Cosmetic Surgery. Avoid bending, lifting heavy objects, and any strenuous activity, this can cause bleeding and more swelling than usual. Rest safely in a semi sitting position, in a clean couch or in bed with pillows, at least the first three days after surgery.   On the discharge day…