1. You must read and sign the consent for surgery at least one day before.
  2. You must be at the clinic on time. Accompanied by an adult if possible.
  3. Do not take aspirin or derivatives thereof, vitamin E, natural medicine or weight-loss medication, at least two weeks prior to your procedure as these promote bleeding. If you have any medical indication to take you can take it except the mentioned above, with a small sip of water.
  4. If you smoke, you should reduce the amount of cigarettes at least four weeks before surgery..
  5. If you use oral contraceptives should be replaced by another method for at least four weeks before surgery.
  6. You should eat normally the day before the procedure, while maintaining optimal hydration with water, juice and Gatorade. Do not eat or drink anything even water after 9:00 pm. The morning of your surgery do not eat or drink anything.
  7. You must remove dentures, contact lenses, jewelry, piercing, lingerie, before the procedure; and nail your nails (hands and feet) days before surgery.
  8. You should bathe as usual, and wear comfortable clothes.
  9. Leave valuables and jewelry at home.
  10. Call if the day before surgery you feel some unusual symptoms.
  11. Plan to be away from work for 14 to 21 days, especially if your job involves heavy lifting or strenuous activity.
  12. For administrative reasons must pay the full amount of the procedure at least the day before surgery.

What to expect after surgery

  • Pain, swelling, bruising for a few days
  • If you have drainage, the presence of serosanguinous discharge is normal.

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