Liposculpture is the term applied to the technique used to vacuum excess fat from different body areas at a time, in order to get a more harmonious and proportional silhouette, the result obtained is much better than when using the conventional liposuction.

The objective is to suck the localized accumulation of body fat. It is a very rewarding technique and very satisfactory results are obtained if it is well indicated.

Many people who want to achieve an improved body contour, cannot get it despite following diets and doing regular exercise, fat deposits are kept in specified regions (varying from women to men); for these people liposuction is the ideal technique.

With liposuction, fat is removed by a Vacuum System from the region to be treated, which remains completely sterile during surgery. We can perform liposuction virtually in every region of the body, your plastic surgeon should decide which regions to be treated, and the amounts that must be eliminated.

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