It is a surgical intervention which is mainly to solve the aesthetic problems of the nose such as bone hump, decreased nasal bridge, the nasal deviations, widening and congenital malformations (sequelae of cleft lip and palate) and acquired life trauma and disease.

The surgery is usually done through a cut (incision) made inside the nostrils. In some cases, the incision is made from the outside, around the base of the nose.

A splint is placed, which will help keep the new shape of the bone. closures are also placed in the nostrils, which helps maintain a stable dividing wall between the air passages (septum).

Rhinoplasty is recommended for:

  • Reducing or increasing  the size of the nose.
  • Changing  the shape of the tip of the nose or nasal bridge.
  • Reducing  the opening of the nostrils.
  • Changing  the angle between the nose and upper lip.
  • Correcting  a birth defect or injury.

The goal of rhinoplasty is a nose with natural and harmonious appearance with your other facial features. This means that an optimal result, generally, makes the nose follow the structural features of the face. One of the main objectives of the surgeon is to produce noses that look like “non-operated”.

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